My name is Lisa DeLapo, and I am a vocal advocate of student-centered learning and pedagogy, and I am dedicated to learning something new every single day.

I am proud to have earned a 2016 CUE Gold Disk for the work I have done to promote educational technology in public and private educational environments, and I am currently one of the members of the CUE Board of Directors. I am also a Google Certified Innovator, Microsoft Innovative Educator, 2013 MERIT Fellow, and a CUE Lead Learner. I have a Master of Arts in Education, with a concentration in Instructional Leadership, and I also have a graduate certification in network and communications management, a California multi-subject credential, and an administrative services credential.

I first entered education as a first grade teaching assistant at a small private school in 2005. When I began work on my credential, I moved to another private school, where I taught third grade. I moved to fourth grade with my class, and I later became the middle school language arts teacher and eighth grade homeroom teacher. Because technology was integrated into my vision of education, I became their Director of Technology, managing the infrastructure, networks, and machines -- and also taught K-8 computer skills to teachers and students.

After the 2013 MERIT program, I became the Director of Instructional Innovation and STEM Initiatives at a private all-girls high school. I eventually moved to a public school district as a technology integration coach and was promoted to become the Director of Innovation, Design, & Technology. I have also served as a BTSA/Induction mentor for private and charter schools through Newark Unified School District.

I worked at Krause Center for Innovation as their Innovator in Residence from 2017 through 2019, and I am currently serving part-time as their Director of MERIT and Chief Innovation Officer Programs. In June 2019, I became the Director of Information and Instructional Technology at a public school district in the Silicon Valley.

Away from school and work, I am the proud mother of two boys; one attends UC Berkeley and the other is in high school. My wonderfully supportive husband is the Director of Technology at a large public school district.

Contact me:

Twitter: @LisaTeachesTech