Tools for PBL


It's the PROCESS, not the end product, that gives students the opportunity to use critical thinking skills, to create and learn. (TPACK video and SAMR video)


Common Core: The 4Cs 5Cs of Common Core: Critical thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity (innovation) +1 = CHOICE!

The Hero Project - making a Google Site, using Kidblog, creating shortened URLs, creating a QR code, summarizing in our own words, expository writing, citing sources, professional and friendly letter writing, art/drawing/photo editing, Google Apps, MS Publisher

The Poverty Project - using different aspects of Google Apps (Sheets, Slides, Documents), research, writing a persuasive paper, writing legislation, business letters (to senators, public), writing to a larger audience, public speaking, infographics, creativity

Diva Dialogue Project - uses Google Sites, Google Docs, Google Presentation, Haiku Deck, YouTube, TED Talks, Blogger. Teaches research, information literacy, citations, public speaking, writing to a larger audience, professional/academic writing, social justice.

Other Tools/Info for Teachers: